History of the path

Mulexperiences take place in Sierra de Andújar Nature Park connecting the city of Andújar with the Virgen de la Cabeza Sanctuary (28 kilometers on foot). Our mules know they route perfectly, equines have been connecting the main two points of this route for centuries.

Visitors will follow the historic route and landscape of Cordel de los Molinos, declared place of interest as tourist attraction in Andalucía. There are a large number of emblematic endangered species that take refuge here between the Mediterranean mountains and the pastureland in the center of the park, the rugged mountains of the north and the dense pine woods of the south.

The Sierra de Andújar Nature Park is home to the largest community of the Iberian lynx. Andalucia’s largest community of wolves also takes shelter in these lands. Following the Jabalí-Encinarejo route you will be likely to see Iberian imperial eagles and other large prey birds such as the golden eagle and black vulture. Other animals of the area are: deers, fallow deers, mouflons and boars.

The Virgen de la Cabeza Sanctuary is in the heart of the Nature Park. This is the site of an annual pilgrimage that takes place every last Sunday of April in honour of the patron saint of hunters and the Jaén Diocese.

Andújar is a hunting center and has workshops specializing in hunting-related crafts. The typical cuisine of the city is closely associated with game. Honey and associated products are also of the highest quality and are traditionally prepared in the area.