Environmental responsibility

Unknown paths and tracks to be discovered on foot or riding a donkey. Our commitment is to show you these paths in a responsible manner, respecting the number of native species that

Mules are noble animals, riders can feel safe as our mules are well trained, approachable and obedient. They could take you to the final destination even with their eyes closed.

Our commitment involves:

  • Enjoying the route safely, with muleteers and mules that have years of experience in these trail rides. Riders who are under 18 must wear a horse riding helmet at all times.
  • Giving back to nature what nature gives to us. Our company is extremely concerned with the environment and we will take care that no waste is left behind because of our expedition. We will carry a basket where we can deposit water bottles or any other residue to avoid degradation of natural resources.
  • Environmental awareness. We will establish environmental standards and guidelines for the whole group, and for the kids we offer recycling-related activities.
  • Enjoying the route always assuring the equines well-being as well as environmental sustainability.
  • Promoting knowledge of the natural habitat providing harmony with the local animal and plant species.